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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A new tradition has begun....

Forgive the flash effect on the eyes...we have decided to take our scholarship winners out to dinner the spring that they win the award. The Scholarships being those awarded through the Department of Economics and through the good people that donate to our Wall of Fame and participate in the golf tournament. From bottom right: Me, Derek Pszenny, Rick Ericson, Martin Leary, Tate Holbrook, Autumn Rushton, Jeremy May, Brandon Bissoon, Haiyong Liu and Mia Leone. Missing is Joey Cuellar who took the picture and thought up the idea. I got to thinking this is just the type of student-faculty interaction that students get at private schools. Not only are we the biggest undergraduate economics department in the state in terms of numbers of majors, we are also trying to make it a great student experience as well.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fun with mail boxes...

Here is a photo of a mail box used by a local chiropractor. Really kinda clever with the disks, vertebrae and nerve endings and such. I got to thinking...I sure am glad he is not a gynecologist.