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Thursday, August 27, 2009

It would be difficult to overstate my anger over this business.

I may get irritated and frustrated from time to time, but seldom ever angry. This makes me very angry. When the next 911 comes down after the CIA is eviscerated, maybe then our leaders can explain how it really wasn't just a slogan or a bumper sticker after all.

From the Wall Street Journal...

"During the course of this review, a number of Agency officers expressed unsolicited concern about the possibility of recrimination or legal action resulting from their participation. . . . officers expressed concern that a human rights group might pursue them for activities . . . they feared that the Agency would not stand behind them." Another said, "Ten years from now we're going to be sorry we're doing this . . . [but] it has to be done."

Thanks for protecting us. Now, put these hand cuffs on and get in your cell.

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