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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Really neat analysis.


meesta0j said...

You found a way to "share" your 2 cents with everyone I see.....WAY TO GO Dr, PARKER!!!!

You didn't mention that the credit restriction may also help banks AND it's investors (aka US) if its shown to improve the overall future health of the investment portfolio.

Look forward to droping by when I'm in NC.


meesta0j said...

I've tried to post a comment on your blog 3 times to no avail....are you avoiding talking to me even in cyberspace?????

Randall Parker said...

Dear Meesta0j: What are you talking about? There is a delay in posting comments so I can make sure no one posts some vulgar obscene comment (which has been tried before). This is a family-oriented blog. We must think of our itsy-bitsy econ bloggers too.

I'll talk to you in any "space" you want.