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Friday, February 26, 2010

Not really happy today.


Anonymous said...

Good one Professor!!!

derekp said...

I have several Dr clients

The first is close to retirement and close to 80% of his practice is treatment of Medicare patients. He plans to retire if Medicare reimbusements are reduced because he is already operating at close to break even. 14 jobs lost and hundreds of people looking for a new provider.

The second treats 40% private insurance, 40% Medicare and 20% Medicaid or nonpaying. He will resturcture his appointments to treat 70% private insurance, 15% Medicare and 15% Medicaid/nonpay if medicare reimbusements are changed. Currently there is a 4 week wait for an appointment with this doc. Wait times will decrease for pvt insurance people and increase by several weeks for the other classes of insured. Good luck getting appointments to the retired community!