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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tell China to go to hell. Trade with Columbia.

It is almost more than I can possibly stand any longer. China acts like they don't have a dog in the fight with North Korea. This is no longer acceptable. Either lean hard on that crazy S.O.B. in N. Korea or contemplate life and your economic future with no access to American markets. Dr. Rothman told me recently that one Chinese leader has said when he lays awake nights and stares at the ceiling, he worries how he will create 25 million new jobs every year. Well, if you want to keep filling "the iron rice bowl" it's time to start acting like an international leader. The Wikileaks have also exposed just what your role is in proliferating nasty weapons and missile technology from N. Korea, through China and into Iran.

This is getting nasty and fast.

Trade with our allies like Columbia. Do it now.

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