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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ad hominem anonymous email from my NPR piece last week.

Here is what someone wrote anonymously to my email account:

Pernicious anachronism!!

Did you stay up all night to come up with that?

Hilarity of that statement aside, I would like to know what favors you dished out to get quoted on NPR.

NPR does not normally interview an intellectual feather weights (sic.) from a no name school, does it?

Here is my response...Have a great day and listen to the following from John Lennon. He's right, it ain't easy.


Allison Allen said...

An anonymous post is like a political sign at an intersection. Political signs don't mean a damn thing unless they are in someone's yard. I don't blame them, I would have been too ashamed to put my name on it too.

Jeffrey said...

It's just really easy to hate national propaganda radio and it is often safe to assume anything heard there is 180 degrees of truth. The guy who sent you that email is probably a libertarian with a bit of anger built up toward our whole system at the moment - which is completely understandable.

David Penwell said...

Prof. Parker,

I was thinking maybe Cee Lo Green would be more appropriate for the anonymous one. I enjoy your blog as well as the pundit sites. They are on my must read list.

Randall Parker said...

No no David. We must be bigger people. God calls us to a higher purpose.

Randall Parker said...

Libertarians aren't cowards Jeffrey...but apparently are angry. Hope you have not had any soup lately. I am going to a conference in LA next month and will be in a sea of Austrian economists. Wish me luck!

Jeffrey said...

Good Luck! I hope they can help show you the light ;)