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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The fruits of feminism (and they are many) and the next battle for equality.

I recently met Jonah Goldberg at a conference in L.A. We shared some great conversation and pleasantries. He told me when the L.A. Times took up his syndicated column, Barbara Streisand called them up and canceled her subscription. That is unambiguously a sign of success. If you are teeing off "Babs" you have to be doing something right.

Here is his recent column on the progress of feminism. Read some of the statistics...more women are in college now then men. More graduate, get better jobs and accumulate more assets than the dudes who got through college chugging brewskies and hitting the bong. Indeed, women who have never been married and have no children make more than their male counterparts. And I say "Girl Power!" As I tell all my female students, my fondest wish for them is that they accumulate human capital and get careers so that they will never have to depend on a man, or significant other, for their sustenance.

It is very clear that now the fight for female equality, indeed even human decency, is in the Islamic world.,0,6178919.column

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