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Friday, April 15, 2011

Obama's speech and Paul Ryan.

Here I am as a guest on a local radio program. The action starts at minute 11:30.


Anonymous said...

All of this talk about cutting SS outlandish. Even if it were needed, no politician would stick his neck that far over the line, much less enough politicians to get anything passed.

Randall Parker said...

IF? IF? If they won't stick their neck out then as the late great Herb Stein said, "something that can't go on forever, won't." And it won't. See my postings on Social Security under the heading "800 pound entitlement gorilla." Social Security could be fixed in 5 minutes if there was any mathematical common sense and today's younger generation would give up their pie-in-the-sky promised benefits that can not be delivered. BTW, what do you call Paul Ryan and what he is doing?

MarvinMaeFuller said...

The "people live longer" fallacy always gets me. Just because the life expectancy has increased, doesn't mean that people are living longer. The vast majority of the increase in the US life expectancy is due to advances medicine within neonatal and child care. Regardless, SS is still a joke.

Randall Parker said...

Hi Marvin: Thanks for the visit. But for you to say that greater life expectancy does not mean people are living longer definitely implies you are suspending the laws of mathematics. You may do so if you wish, and I will still welcome you as a valued (although somewhat confused)friend.