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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Indoctrination and stories of my youth.

Today you will find an old US history test I took as a young lad in high school. You see, my 83 year old mother took a terrible fall in April and is not doing well at all. She can no longer live alone nor care for herself. It is not a very happy story. So, I had to go home to clean out my childhood home and prepare to sell it since my mother will not be returning there. Of necessity I had to go through every drawer of every desk, chest and dresser to make sure all valuable family items were accounted for. My mother saved everything of value but was not a hoarder. But she even saved this history test. Note my third answer (don't remember the question): "I favor deflation and hard money." This shows how critical it is to not let the tripe that is taught in high school be the last word in your mind on things (assuming one graduates from high school) and then how important it is to let people grow to be free thinking individuals. Thank God I have lived to disavow these scribblings. I would sooner lick the phlegm from Flipper's blow hole than sign up for this nonsense.

Click on this to view ancient history:

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