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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

And you wonder what the problem is?

Good morning and welcome to the work week for those of you who still consider work to be an obligation and who still have employment.

I had heard of it but only in passing. Now I know it is true. Yep, the federal government spent $2.2 billion dollars last year on the Lifeline subsidy to provide cell phones to low income individuals. That's right, poor people need cell phones too so why not spend billions to provide them. Apparently cell phones are considered as essential as food and shelter. But why stop there? Isn't transportation necessary? Why not cars too? Have the poor go down to their local GM or Chrysler dealer (government owned you see?) and pick out some nice shiny new buggy and drive her home at taxpayers' expense.There is no difference here.

I am sick and tired of hearing about "the poor" and how mistreated they are and how we have so much more to do. Pssshaw! I remember a few years back when Michelle Obama went to a homeless shelter for Thanksgiving and helped serve the meal. A number of homeless folks were snapping her picture with cell phones far better than the one I have. I thought to myself, what have we to be ashamed of when poor people have a better phone than I do?

Now you know where they got those phones. Go back to work and pay up sucker. It is not your money, you did not build that, and you have benefited from a system that is unfair.

H.L. Menchen said "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." And after electing Obama twice, that is exactly what we are going to get. Go back to work, shut your mouth and remember that your society is now being shaped by the likes of Herbert Marcuse and Karl Marx. Have a good day comrade!


Anonymous said...

Partisanship is neither flagging nor good economics. You're conveniently omitting some facts, Jack.

Bush II enacted the cellphone program in '08. Moreover, your lord and savior, Ronald Reagan started the idea of subsidizing the availability of phones for low-income households.

Randall Parker said...

You can call me any names you like. Bush II also started the loan program that gave us Solyndra and all the others. They were stupid too. If cell phones need to be subsidized then so do computer skills. I suppose the government should buy the poor computers and pay their monthly internet bill too.

The bad economics is raising the marginal tax rate in the worst macro recovery since the Great Depression, spending the money on cell phones and subsidies to Hollywood and all the rest, and then bitching about the debt and deficits.

For the record my Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ. But you correctly point out that Reagan is his main apostle in my life. Herbert Marcuse and Karl Marx versus Adam Smith and Ronald Reagan. I have picked my side and I'll own it.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Parker you nailed it!
Well stated my friend.


Live to Ride-Ride to Live said...

I agree 100% Dr. Parker, I don't understand why a Cell Phone is a necessity in the governments eyes and to Bush II if your gonna make remarks concerning an issue at least stand by your comment and not post it as annonymous.