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Friday, December 6, 2013

When all else fails....

...hammer the minimum wage and the distribution of income. It is sickening to have to listen to the willful economic ignorance that is guiding (if that is what you call it) this country. We have been trying to make the distribution of income more "fair" and "equitable" for decades upon decades. We have spent tens of trillions of dollars doing so. I am tired of saying it but one more time what matters is absolute poverty and not the distribution of income. There will always be a lower 20% in the income distribution and so what??? If a magic bird came by and tripled everyone's living standard, there would still be a lower 20% and that is what the libs and progressives would scream about.  I post the jackass picture in their honor.

 So, what is the president's number one priority for the next three years? Yea, promoting a more equitable distribution of income. Let's face it, everything that man does has one and only one goal in mind and that is the equalization of outcomes and not opportunity. It is not enough to give everyone an equal chance. It is the end all to make sure everyone has the same result, regardless of work effort, human capital, or what have you. If you have something more than the least among us, it was obtained because of a morally bankrupt system. And he is going to make it right.

As H.L. Menchen said, "Democracy is the theory that the common man knows exactly what he wants...and deserves to get it good and hard."

Want some...get some.

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