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Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is REALLY going on in Russia and the Ukraine. The experts know....rasPUTIN.

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Andrew Grodner said...

It seems that the West is not as impotent as the author suggests. After initiative from Poland and request from new Ukraine president, today EU approved the process for political integration of EU in Ukraine. And this time around, do not expect demonstrations (Yanukowic was overthrown because he rejected that idea and signed document for closer ties with Russia).

So ironically, so far everything that Putin does backfires. Ukrainians are for once united against common enemy. US and EU gives money and may try to help with energy needs so that there are weaker economic ties with Russia. And if Putin takes Crimea, militarily or by referendum, some say that it would actually solve a lot of issues in Ukraine because it would be so much harder to elect pro-Russian president anymore. And who knows, maybe one day Ukraine will become part of NATO and will be just at the Russian's doorstep.

As a Pole it is hard to watch what is going on across the border. So I am just praying for my Slavic compatriots and I am amazed how they can show so much restrained so far. I think it is the only way to play this game and have a chance to win.