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Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome home Herbert Stein.....

Ok all you students of history out there, wake up and watch Greece. There is a Great Depression in action happening before your eyes in real time. It will not be pretty. Look at what we have here.... A Prime Minister that is putting a bail out to a referendum and then campaigning against it. That is right....ask the Germans to prolong the bail out and then tell everyone to vote against it. That is nuts.

But far worse is the fact that the people in power are Marxists, Maoists, communists and even a sprinkling of Nazis in there. Throw in a healthy dash of socialists and you have quite a concoction.

Here's a thought, why not pay for all the stuff you want yourself. That is a real novel idea isn't it? Whether you like it or not that is going to be right around the corner.

Mind you, none of this business has anything to do with Greece paying back what they owe, it is about stringing the bail out along. Keep lending to us and we will make our payments...but on our terms and not yours. Here's an answer to that....stick it.

The Greeks deserve everything they got coming. As the late great Herbert Stein said "something that can't go on forever won't." Welcome home Herbert Stein.

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