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Monday, April 25, 2016

Schmuck too!

Who would say something like that except for some nasty old gink?


Anonymous said...

Apparently he did say something to that effect:

Do you think it was a bad joke, or do you think he actually is an incestuous pervert?

I'm defending him, not because I like him, but because no one else will.

Randall Parker said...

Well, either way it should not have come out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

But, why should we care about any of them?

What is your opinion on the fiscal theory of the price level?

Randall Parker said...

Why? Because that big mouth could be your president. And presidents ought not talk like that. What kind of Woodie Allen baloney is that anyway?

As far as the fiscal theory of the price level...I doubt it. From what I have read the real business cycle literature for example finds little to recommend it.

Anonymous said...

Knowing it very well could be Trump vs. Hilary, how do you pick the lesser of two evils? Will the Trump-hating Republicans who are a part of the establishment really vote for Clinton? Or will they just not vote at all? How do you justify a vote for either of these?