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Friday, February 27, 2009

Charles Krauthammer tells it like it is.

You should not be afraid or have any fear of what is to come. I know the future and will remove all uncertainty. Do the words European Union have any meaning to you? I remember 60 Minutes did a piece on Denmark a bit back. Morley Safer asked the youth there "if there is one thing you would tell your American counterparts what would it be?" They said "give up on the American dream and let government take care of you." Just listen to the Sex Pistols and "God Save the Queen." Watch especially beginning at 2:37...this is what the nanny state will do to us...Look at Johnny Rotten and his vacant eyes... No future for you. Government has determined your destiny. Did you see that? Maybe we will all now become hash smoking, alcoholic wards of the state like Johnny...and the Brits and the Dutch. So surrender, dry your eyes, fire up your hash pipe and pay up sucker.


ArmChairEconomist said...

Apparently Ed Glaeser is on the list as someone "that stupid to advocate something like that"

derekp said...

Thanks for the cheer.

The decrease in home interest dudction is proposed in the budget by the one Bo. I doubt you'll get him fired.

This change is for people in the 33% tax bracket and higher. Ironicly, this bracket starts at the 207,000 income level and is well below the 250k threshold for tax hikes. Good luck selling all those high end houses that have frozen in this market.

What about the removing the tax deduction for charitable giving? When is the golf tournanent?

Randall Parker said...

Dear Armie: Even Glaeser admits it is the wrong time. And I will say it again...S-T-U-P-I-D.

Dear Derek: April 16. And you really know how to hurt a guy. Do you have any doubt that is designed to destroy churches and replace it with the church of government?