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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kentucky is on the rise. Watch out you candy bottoms in powder are in the cross hairs.


Got Roy? Heels Do! said...

We are in everyone's crosshairs, that is what continued excellence does to a program. No concern in Chapel Hill, it is the Wildcats who should be concerned. With Calipari on board, they will always be in the NCAA's crosshairs (see: Camby, Marcus; Wagner, Dajuan; Rose, Derrick). Coach Cal will stay in Kentucky until the week/month leading up to the NCAA dropping the hammer, just as he has done with his two previous NCAA jobs. The 'Heels do it the right way.

Wynona_Judd said...

Add another name to the list.... and the drama continues. To promote their new coach & old ways, I wonder if Kentucky will use a play off of the NBA slogans? I'm thinking of something like: "John Calipari, were scandle happens!" They better just stick to their most famous fan.