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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chairman Bernanke in his own words.


ArmChairEconomist said...

Hey Doc, what are your thoughts about this resurrected piece of legislation?

Randall Parker said...

Armie: Where you been? I thought you left. In general, anything financially that Ron Paul supports, I'm against it.

ArmChairEconomist said...

In your mind, what are the negatives to an "audit" of the Fed or would it essentially be meaningless?

I didn't go anywhere.....other than an occasional hike on the Appalachian Trail. I sure hope hiking wasn't the conversation piece of your talk with the lesser Carolina's Gov. He didn't he call you collect from South America did he? Happy 4th Doc.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul would like to end the independence of the Federal Reserve and revert to the gold standard or something similar. He's been proposing the audit ever since he was first elected to Congress and I'd imagine the purpose is to end the Fed's independence.