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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you really want to know where the Stimulus money's the answer.

This is why many economists (like me) have always been highly leery of fiscal policy from the spending side. It winds up as a political circus in what is done with the money. And if I am not mistaken, those states that took stimulus money are now bound to NOT reduce Medicaid eligibility requirements and expenditures back to 2008 levels once the stimulus money runs out, which of course is now. In other words, Medicaid dollars must continue to be spent at Stimulus program levels even when the funding from the stimulus dries up. Good luck friend!

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Dread Pirate Roberts said...

To complete the depressive look into where the money has gone...
Stimulus provides some insight on the local level.

Currently I live in Shallotte, NC:
which recieved one very obvious ARRA project. $7,243,601 is being spent to alleviate summertime traffic congestion. Its literally creating a bypass of the towns Wal-Mart to make a tourist's trip to Holden Beach 5 minutes faster. This impressive new road which will span about 2 miles and now the project is behind schedule. It won't be in use until after this summer therefore creating what will be a worse congestion issue this summer than ever before.

This goal could have been acheived by simply putting up some signs that direct people to drive another mile down Highway 17 to the street that is already directly connecting 17 to Holden Beach.

Jobs credited to this project = 3