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Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's me again...any questions?


Anonymous said...

Interesting to see an honest analysis. Tax increase & spending cuts are needed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "It's me again...any questions?":

Sure. Here's a question. It seems to me this post is an endorsement of Hamilton's proposal. However, in this sloppily thought out blog post you seem to be advocating a cut in tax rates. What gives? Are you not endorsing Hamilton's proposal of an increase in taxes, or am I confused? My money is on both the former AND the latter. However, knowing you, that's probably wrong too!

Randall Parker said...

Read the comments on Hamilton's Blog. He does not advocate raising tax rates. He comments that taxes as a percentage of GDP need to be increased. Perhaps this could be done best by raising tax rates. I don't happen to believe this and moreover that would be one of the worst things we could do at this point of our "recovery". Tax reform is the single best thing we could do to improve the economy and my "sloppy blog post" points this out very clearly. We could kill corporate welfare and other such nonsense and make our tax code an economic document for growth instead of the political disgrace that it is. Any economist with one mustard seed of sense would gladly endorse widening the base and lowering the rates.

Now, insult me all you wish.