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Thursday, October 4, 2012

If you are still undecided after last night then you are not undecided but rather confused.



Anonymous said...

I think that most undecided would remain undecided until the next debate. It is because it is not clear how much of Romney’s debate win was due to his supreme performance or due to Obama’s poor showing. In other words, I believe that most people realized that Obama did not bring his A-game and therefore cannot fully appreciate Romney’s win. So I would imagine most undecided are now looking for the next debate to see how Romney does when Obama tries to fight back.

As big fan of tennis, I cannot resist a sports analogy. I think the debates are like best-out-of-three set match. We have three debates, you win two, you win the match. And it makes a difference whether you win a match by beating his opponent at his best, or the opponent beats himself by doing lots of unforced errors or being too passive. It seems that Obama lost by being very passive and thus partially beat himself. Thus, when Romney can beat the president at his best, then I completely sign up under the headline.

Randall Parker said...

That is fair.

Anonymous said...

All three debates done - your verdict?

Randall Parker said...

I think it is pretty much a draw but that is all Romney needed after debate #1. I think it is going to come down to less than 300,000 votes in Ohio...just like Bush vs. Kerry.