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Monday, October 1, 2012

The World's Mad Dog. The American Embassy and the Iranian Invasion.

Thirty-three years ago Iran violated the territory of the US and took the folks in our embassy hostage. Thus began a 444 day national nightmare. At the time, the Iranians were also thinking of invading the embassy of the Soviet Union but did not. Andrei Gromyko was the Soviet foreign minister at the time and he remarked "if they would have done that, Tehran would have been a parking lot by lunch the next day". Ronald Regan took office the day the hostages were released and proclaimed "that was an act of war". Jimmy Carter did nothing, tried a failed rescue operation, and then talked, talked and talked some more. Thirty years later and it is an even bigger mess. Thanks Jimmy.

Iran is the World's Mad Dog, just as World War I Germany was proclaimed. It took World War II to finally kill the mad dog. I don't see this going very well at all.


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