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Saturday, September 14, 2013

My happy ending!

As many of you know, my dog Mikka (dog on the right) ran away for 30 days. I thought she was gone...until she wasn't. Here she is with my good friend Kathy Queck who found her in the woods around south Charlotte. My wife and I had committed to adopting a "rescue" English Springer Spaniel from the English Springer Rescue Association, thinking my dog was gone and wanting to do something to help another dog out that needed a forever home. And that is her "Xena" on the left. Mikka turned up two days before we got Xena and the people wanted to know if we were still going to go through with the adoption. I said heck yes! We committed and we are sticking to it. I went from one dog who is at gun dog school to three just like that. A nasty, nasty curve that life had thrown my way has now been nullified. My dog is home and has a new sister. As Winston Churchill once said, "there is no feeling in the world like being shot at and missed." Amen brother.

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