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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The NY Times carries water for the murderous thug Putin!

From world chess champion Garry Kasparov's Facebook page:

“I cannot stomach linking to it on my page, but The New York Times has just published an op-ed by Vladimir Putin! You expect a dictator to broadcast propaganda but it is to the great shame of the NY Times they are providing him with their platform, treating it like a serious message. While Putin was writing about peace and international law and God (!) with one hand for the Times, he was signing more weapons orders for al-Assad with the other hand. Putin has also sent Russian personnel to Syria to help al-Assad slaughter the Syrian people. And regarding peace and international law, what of Putin's invasion of Georgia, where Russian troops still occupy Georgian territory?

Again, all this is to be expected from Putin, and it would be predictable and laughable to see this article in Russia Today or one of the many other Kremlin-controlled outlets. But to have it in The New York Times, presented without comment, is a huge blow to their credibility.”

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