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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Take the time to watch this and read the subtitles. Any questions?

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Anonymous said...

When I heard that Buddhists haven't burned down Mosques; they've at least ransacked them before:

When I heard that Jews haven't blown themselves up in German restaurants; they've tried to bomb buildings and events where bystanders were involved:


When I heard Jews haven't tried to take down mosques; they've at least shot Muslims praying in them:

If we want to go deep and far into history, let's not forget the violent "protests" in the form of the uprisings in the Judea province in the Roman Empire:

So, simple googling has shown that both Jews and Buddhists have been violent, in some instances, as well.

Have Jews become more successful and powerful than Muslims in general? Probably. But I'm not sure, even while including Saudi oil tycoons, the resurgence of Algebra and Platonism from the Arabic people, inter alia.

Yes, taken into account, discovery through science is extremely important, and Jews have undoubtedly done their fair share, perhaps more. However, does this mean someone who is a Jew is somehow innately or inherently better than a non-Jew? It's not clear to me how that could be. Or that because members of your race in past history have accomplished little in way of science, does not mean you yourself cannot accomplish the same as a result of your heritage. Or that members of your race have been violent, barbaric, you yourself necessarily will act the same way.

Bottom line, people across all ages in general, suck. And sometimes, they suck really hard. Some suck now. Some will suck later. Or some have sucked not too long ago. To believe otherwise ignores history and is anything but fastidious.

Though, she seems to be correct on secular humanism, and the desperately needed reevaluation of the Qur’an for the modern world--somehow keep the racism and prejudices, but non of the calls for violence and authoritarianism would be gregarious of them. But, you know, the Old Testament isn't all making love and shaking one another's hands in place of stabbings ( and children mauled by She-Bears ( Also, the whole "God's Treasured People" is at least somewhat racist, right?

Also, liked the stone throwing quote (or at least the translation from the video): "Brother, you can believe in stones, as long as you don't throw them at me." Perhaps better, say, "You can believe in stones so long as your belief in stones does not include the right to chuck them at me as you wish."

A Student, Forever and Always, of Professor Parker's