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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gay marriage? If you are against it what is the problem?

Look here, if you are against gay marriage then the objective should be to stop gay people from having sex. Now, if you think about it for one moment, is there any better way to get people to stop having sex than to let them get married?

Moreover, for all of us with children with an alternative lifestyle, one good result of this process is that when my step daughter soon marries her life partner of 14 years, since there are two girls involved, I only have half the bill. Guess I need to brush up on my moves for the Hokie Pokie.


Anonymous said...

Really, the Government has no business being involved with marriage, homosexual or otherwise.
The institution of Government marriage should be destroyed.

Alas, the status quo ante is much preferred even if it is not.

Anonymous said...

Very funny and a good point. People should not be against gay marriage. I have heard some heteros who are for it say, "Let them suffer like the rest of us!" We just want the benefits and yes, the detriments that come with full acceptance. First, one needs to find a partner. There are many gay personals sites out there so it is best to do research. One place that does that is Sites are reviewed there to make it easier to choose where to look. And by the way, one may find a macroeconomist in one of those sites or even a duck chaser, lol. I found my horseman there.

Randall Parker said...

Well ride 'em cowboy!

This blog is not intended to be a gay "hook-up" promotion web site. But rather than just deleting this comment I thought out of the spirit of kindness I'd let this one go.

And just for the record, my wife is all the partner I'll ever need. No confusion here. I mean "wife" in the traditional sense of the word.

I hope you and your "horseman" have many years of happily bridling down in the breeding shed.