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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Randay Parker Moron Hall of Fame: Wilbur Mills

This ladies and gentlemen is Wilbur Mills. You can read about him here: . The main reason he got into trouble in the first place was he was stealing electricity from the power company by jumping the line to his house boat before the line got to the power meter. That is what put the cops on to him and ultimately got him pulled over with his headlights off riding down the road. The rest of the story took off from there. Now we can't go telling the rest of the story here. For all our itsy bitsy econ bloggers out there, let's just say Congressman Mills ran out of bedtime books to read for his friend and companion with whom he wrote poetry Fanne Foxe. And remember kids, don't take nothing that don't belong to you. Always pay your power bill fair and square.

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