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Monday, November 17, 2008

This is why we love kids! Transparency 101.

Like I have been saying over and over. What we need is transparency and openness. Even the itsy bitsy econ bloggers realize it is true.
Check out my November 6, 2008 blog for a more scholarly, and less ocular, discussion on this topic


derekp said...

On second thought, Moore transparency could be a good thing

Randall Parker said...

I suppose it all depends on your angle and what it is you are viewing. Somehow Pszenny and a thong is not the mental image I had in mind. I'm sure you understand.

dismalscientist said...

In your previous post you were adocating a lack of transparency. What gives?

Randall Parker said...

Hi Dismalscientist: You got me. So I have to chose. I'm going with transparency. As Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said and is one of my all-time favorite quotes "Sunlight is the best of all disinfectants." I am confused however, in how the TARP keeps morphing.