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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joe Jihadi has a bad day: Part V.

This video may not be suitable for our more sensitive viewers or for those who do not wish to see a terrorist about to launch a rocket propelled grenade at our brave service men get whacked by our brave leathernecks.

Macroeconomics in action because it is your tax money.


Anonymous said...
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Randall Parker said...

It appears some don't like these videos of Joe Jihadi getting his ticket to paradise and 72 virgins. Well, then don't watch them. I put out a disclaimer. If that is not to your liking then log out. This is a libertarian blog spot. Look or don't look at your own choice. One kind individual said my "fettish with military kill videos" has forced him/her to "unsubscribe". Well, I don't remember that there was ever a subscription fee. Thanks for visiting and go with God.

BS said...

What's the first admendment again? Somthing about speech maybe? I'll have to agree with the good Dr. on this one. Via con dios.