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Friday, December 19, 2008

Randy Parker Hall of Fame: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

This Ladies and Gentleman is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She sits on top of all in the Randy Parker Hall of Fame because she is one of the few in the world that has the guts to call what is going on by name, that is, Islamo-Fascism. This tiny and meek woman has more courage than the entire country of the Netherlands who threw her out at the first sign that Islamo-Fascists would retaliate against the Dutch if they tried to protect her from the fatwas against her. Thank God the US took took her in. Think wrong thoughts and express them and you will be killed. Ask Theo Van Gogh what he thinks about this. If that is not fascism, then what do you call it? (Read about her Dutch experience here: ) We are a country of laws and a place that let's people think and say what they want, no matter how hair-brained, without the threat of being whacked. Look at how disgusting it is to listen to Bill Ayers, but yet there he is jabbering away. And I'll defend his right to do it even though I would rather watch Dr. Phil reruns all day and listen to Barbara Streisand's political philosophy all night. If you don't like that approach of letting folks speak their minds, then I am sure Saudi Arabia is calling you.
And let us not mince words.....ISLAMO-FASCISM.

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Anonymous said...


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