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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Next Bailout.


derekp said...

I am not rendering an opinion on the merits of the investment policy statement for the (IPS) PBGC. However, they should either follow the IPS and invest the stated 45% into public equities or change the IPS to a more conservative allocation. Failure to follow the IPS could have serious consequences. I know most people are thinking litigation if an investment committee loses too much money but there is quite a bit of liability or culpability in the situation of a market increase and an under allocated equity portfolio. It would be a real shame to have a bail out because the portfolio failed to have enough return when the IPS authoized the eqity asset class. Talk about rock and a hard place.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Citi caved - judges can now cram down the mortgages of their customers. It's already being used to bolster a national 'cram down' plan that will be inserted in the stimulus plan.

Higher interest rates on mortgages! Yay!