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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Randy Parker Hall of Fame: Jackie Robinson

Here he is boys and girls. The Great One ... Jackie Robinson. He is forever on the top shelf of the Randy Parker Hall of Fame since he had the guts to go first and take the heat. He blazed the trail for all that followed. He did not complain, he did not trash talk. He just whipped you. I am no great fan of baseball, but Jackie Robinson was one tough SOB. So Jackie, say hi to my friend Ralph who is also in the Hall of Fame and of whom I have blogged about previously. I admire you both greatly.


The Finance Guy said...

I definitely agree with this one. He was a great guy and one awesome baseball player. Check out my new blog and feel free to comment.

derekp said...

Finace guy- Your blog page has a black backround and is difficult to see. Also you fail to identify yourself or show any credentials. How are we to know if what you are saying is credible?