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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bucket List: Item #16...a football game at Alabama

I had the good fortune to go last weekend to a football game at Alabama. They destroyed Penn State and Tuscaloosa is the big time. Even had Joe Pa 15 yards from me (see the video below, that's him!). It was a wonderful time. But yet, live football is becoming such an ordeal. We had great seats and access to a full service suite. But it seems any more you can't go to a sporting event without some drunk idiot spoiling it for everyone. I include above a picture of the drunk idiot that spoiled the game for our section of the stands (look at him... the beast can barely stand up). It was intolerable to listen to this totally liquored-up hulking tub of goo scream wretched vulgarities all night and then in the end wanting to fight everyone in the stands. Alabama is now off the bucket list and I would highly recommend some other venue if an SEC football game is in your plans. Tennessee, LSU and Mississippi are much better choices. Here's hoping Bubba grows up some time soon before he has someone give his dentist several months of billable hours, assuming this lout even has a dentist. Here, watch Joe Pa.

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