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Friday, October 15, 2010

Immigration for dummies.

Every foreign student who graduates from a US college or university, and I mean every one, should get a diploma and a green card on graduation day. Any scientist, engineer, or other advanced degree person who wishes to come to the United States should have his/her plane ticket and moving expenses paid for by the US government. Any foreigner who wants to come here and start up a business and create jobs should be met at the airport by a brass band and a limo.

I'm from immigrant stock, in the Scandanavian wave of the 1870s. What tribe you from? Unless you are native American, you came from immigrant stock too. What tribe you from? Why was it good for you and your family, but now somehow bad today? I know, a lot of it is illegal and current immigrants don't assimilate like those past generations. And those are problems. But immigration per se is a wonderful thing and we need to do much, much more of it. Swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic with all your blood and treasure and come home to papa.


Alex said...

I agree completely. If you want to immigrate here you need to do so with the intention of assimilating. Kudos to Angela Merkel for actually telling it how it is.

josephcmiller2 said...

This would be one place I would be for "fair" trade. If we could do this and simultaneously take everyone who wants to redistribute everyone else's stuff instead of create something and ship them out of this country, we'd have one hell of a deal.