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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun and stuff at the Fairgrounds last November.

Every year I go down to New Orleans to go duck hunting and enjoy the city for a few days. Of course I can not seem to ever resist the urge to go to the track. Seeing how North Carolina has no horse racing at all, it is a treat when I can get out of town and go. I left NC at 6 am to get to New Orleans at 9 am to start the fun. The top picture is the simulcast room at the Fairgrounds, which is the track in New Orleans, at 12 noon. Note the TVs with racing on from all over the country. And note also the drunks and the degenerate gamblers. The second picture is of a dude who would come to me and every one else who would listen to him after each race and tell us "Hey, I hit the superfecta that race! You have the super?" One of his buddies came over to me and said "don't pay him no mind, he does this all the time." I said "No problem. But does your buddy know Marshall Gramm?" Lastly, there is a picture of my brother all tanked up at 12 noon. I had not seen him in years. I did not have the heart to wake him.

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