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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Charles Plosser makes a huge point about energy shocks, inflation and the Fed.


Jack_Torrance said...

Doc, what are your thoughts on this?

You could really learn a few things about keeping up an economics blog from Sumner. Thought provoking originality is valued in the blogosphere while cutting & pasting is best kept for art time in preschool.

Randall Parker said...

Dear Jack: There is no doubting that you are correct. I could learn many things from Scott and indeed did when I was at a conference with him in March in L.A. Over dinner he indicated to me that maintaining his Blog is his #1 task to which he devotes his full attention, other than teaching. I am not in such a position but will try harder for thought provoking originality.

As for the "art time" thing, I offer you my left cheek after smiting me on my right.