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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dr. Doom sets out four scenarios.


cecgiv said...

Randy...long talk. Hope you can come to see your old pals at Hardware Marketing Council in June, we can get the latest "Parker's Picks" for the election!! We'll have to get someone to make sure they contact you. Haven't talked to your crazy brother for awhile as I am semi-retired and miss alot of the industry action. Just watched a video by Bob Weidemer, author of AFTERSHOCK. What's your take on Bob and his economic forecasts?
BTW, connected with an old friend, a horse trainer in MD...keep your eyes open for horses running at Laurel or Pimlico, trained by Janon Fisher. You never know. Does lasix really help?Best wishes for a great holiday, Cec Given

Randall Parker said...

Cec: Good to hear from you. I don't follow Weidemer so I have no opinion.

My brother has his hands full as his youngest daughter is getting married in 16 days.

Yes Lasix does really, really help. Stops a horses lungs from bleeding. They breathe and run much better. So one handicapping angle is to watch for horses who have had a few starts and have done poorly but then go one Lasix for the first time. Sometimes they act like they are shot out of a cannon and win at nice odds.

I'll keep my eyes open for those horses.

I think you will see me in June God willing.