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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Supremem Court will decide Affordable Health Care Act.


Andrew Grodner said...

It may be a lost fight already - apparently the health care industry has changed so much already that the cost of going back may be too high. Also, some states may go alone even if the courts do not like AHCA. By the time the legal process is over AHCA will be another sacred cow like Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. Here is an interesting article:

Randall Parker said...

The legal process is over next spring or summer. If the government can order you to buy health insurance they can order you to buy broccoli...and make you eat it. Just another of the many ways we are becoming France.

Anonymous said...

Broccoli? France? You're really stretching on this one doc. Theoretically, mandating health insurance makes everyone's health better. Also, if the ER is forced to provide care, why not mandate insurance? I suppose that if you flip your vehicle on US-264 and become unconscious, you would prefer that Pitt Memorial seek out your wife and insurance provider for proof of payment BEFORE any services rendered?