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Friday, July 20, 2012

The State made you great. The Hammer guts the entitler.

And this is our moment of clarity. Obama has now ended work for welfare so he can turn more and more of our citizenry into zombies of the State. And that is exactly what will happen. Look at Detroit. That is the future of our country under this policy path and framework under which this country is being molded. Give up your guns and religion and worship the State because that is who made you into what you are. Your success is because of us not you. You have to say and think that you love Big Brother, just as Orwell wrote. And then they'll suck the life out of your brain and the soul out of your body. And it will be your fault in the end.

Look at Detroit. Watch this video of Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols. He is a ward of the British entitlement state. Look into his future indeed. Vote for Obama and that is what you are condemning this country to.


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