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Monday, September 28, 2015

Here is a public program I did last week. I start at minute 17, so move the cursor there if you like. Someone emailed me and said I was "terribly condescending".

This is actually an improvement since a couple years ago, I went on this program and someone emailed me and called me "fat a$$". Well as my late father always told me "son, know who you are and make the most of it".


Anonymous said...

Certain people take dissent as insult to their being and personhood, instead of as simply disagreement without malignancy. As a result, they behave in this way not for themselves, but for a "confederacy of dunces."

Also, being over weight is a killer. Check out the Ketogenic diet (moderate protein, high fat--strive for the monunsaturated variety--, and very low carbohydrate: NO, WHATSOEVER, consumption of starchy vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, or sugar), and obviously ask your doctor about it (though, he or she probably won't know much about it as the research is still preliminary however promising it already looks).

Fat, especially saturated fat, may not be as bad as was once thought. If that's too radical, or you simply do not buy what science is already out there on the subject with regard to its efficacy and safety (the diet is actually used to treat patients with recalcitrant epilepsy by its supposed "neuroprotective" effect on cells and their mitochondria through supplanting glucose, albeit not completely, with the less oxidative and inflammatory energy source of ketone bodies, which yields, therefore, less garbage neuronl cells), then at least consider cutting sugar completely out and significantly reducing your carbohydrate intake. By the way, eating too much protein can make you fat too per the process of gluconeogenesis. And anything that raises your insulin makes you more hungry; non slowly digesting carbs make your insulin spike (e.g., sugard, bread, rice, Poh-tay-toes, etc). Fat, juicy steak is fine in moderation! So is foie gras, though gavage feeding doesn't seem at all pleasant for the bird, nor the killing for its flesh.

Not of the Confederacy of Dunces

Randall Parker said...

Well, love back at you.

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders will give you the shirt right off of someone else's back.

Kyle Peterson said...

"We would be out of this funk tomorrow at two" I miss this type narrative from class.

I presume you have heard of Carl Icahn's new super-pac aiming to stop inversions in US corporations.