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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double talk.

On June 15 the president spoke to the American Medical Association and rejected the #1 plank in their platform...limiting malpractice awards. OK, no surprise there, be looking for more jackpot justice. But then the next sentence out of the Prez's mouth was that the problem with our system is conducting too many diagnostic and preventive tests. Hello? Don't you see a connection here? In health care reform, we don't need no stink'in Bozos. But with statements like that it is not looking good.

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Eric B said...

It is insane to think that the US government could run a lemonade stand effectively and efficiently, let alone health care. Doctors run so many diagnostic tests to because they are trying to cover their a*s so some lawyer does not sue them for not ruling out any and every possible illness. But trial lawyers are some of the main democratic contributers so we wont fix that issue (they cant bite the hand that feeds them). I work with doctors (surgeons) every day and do not know ONE SINGLE practicing doctor that agrees with social healthcare. Many think that we need to rework some aspects of health care but not completely change it. This is a case of the medicine being worse then the illness. We will lose our best and brightest minds from entering medicine as a profession. There will be decreasing pay, increasing student loan debt, and increased risk of being sued. After all, now everyone has a chance to sue him, not just those with insurance. And another thing what is the rush with passing this by July?!? Have we not learned that passing bills before we read them is a bad idea (spending bill....I mean stimulus bill)?? We should look back to the words of the wise Milton Friedman "There is nothing more permanent then a temporary government program". Maybe that is exactly what the democrats want though. If this goes through, within five years we will trade 80% of Americans having great healthcare for 100% of Americans (probably illegals too) with below average health care. No thanks,

Sorry for the rant. But I feel this is a major step in the demise of America as we know it.