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Thursday, June 25, 2009

5,000 miles to think about it.

It is 5,218 miles from Washington D.C. to Buenos Aires, Argentina. So from Columbia, South Carolina to Buenos Aires it is just under 5,000. Like the Captain said to Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke "what were you thinking about when you cut them heads off them parking meters?" Luke just said "well, I guess you could say I wasn't thinking Captain." What do you suppose the Governor was thinking about? Like a horse that is too ready to go, seems to me a 5,000 mile ride for a tryst would give a man plenty of time to get all lathered up.

I'm going to be in Buenos Aires one day in July in a year to yet be determined. All I'll have on my mind is ducks and doves. And as they say in horse racing, "you can jot that one down pard."

Here is a heart throb from my younger days with a song that fits. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Pretenders and "The Adultress".

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