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Friday, June 19, 2009

Read Charles Krauthammer and you know what to think.

Let us not mince words. Iran is a tyrannical, misogynistic, corrupt thug theocracy that is a stain on the civilized world.

The idea below was suggested in an article in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday. Google had a Persian translator up and working as of today. Now we are taking baby! Instant translation between Persian and English. Here is the address
The mullahs win by shutting people up either with censorship or bullets. Keep the free flow of information going and they will be exposed as the thugs that they are.

"Money should be appropriated for an NGO-run "open window" platform that enables a wide variety of indigenous voices to be carried on radio, blogs, video clips and other media. This can take the form of satellite and terrestrial broadcasting and other information tools to provide Iranians with anonymous communications and access to Internet, television and radio content that their government attempts to deny them. The president should also call a White House meeting of the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google and other video-sharing and social-networking companies. Entrepreneurially minded high-tech companies can manage this project better than the government. Many of these CEOs are strong supporters of Mr. Obama; they should be brought on board to help make his foreign policy succeed. In the meantime, the president should order the military to make some of its EC-130 "Commando Solo" aircraft, which serve as flying television and radio stations, available to enable reformers and protest leaders to speak directly to the Iranian people."

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