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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vouchers for none.

As part of the federal stimulus, the voucher program in Washington D.C. has been killed. This program permitted 1,700 children from poor families to use a $7,500 voucher to seek their education in a private school, outside the fettered and festering sewer that is the D.C. school system. Given that D.C. spends around $24,000 on each student in the system, the vouchers are a real bargain.

We want everyone to have the same health care that every member of Congress has. Ok then, why not want the same quality education that every member of Congress gives their kids? The President sends his daughters to the Sidwell Friends School at more than $28,000 each per year. I applaud this. Why is this same choice not good enough for the poor families within the beltway?

By the way, our new Senator from North Carolina Kay Hagan voted to kill the D.C. voucher program. How charming.

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