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Monday, April 13, 2009

Somali Pirates vs. Navy Seals...who you got?

As many of you know I am a man who will take a fair bet. Anybody want any action on the Somali Pirates against the Navy Seals...I'll take all the action you got. Three trigger pulls... three head shots, in the dark on a bobbing ocean. Then the leader of the Somali pirates says "we will treat countries the way they treat us". What world are you from punk? And all the hand-wringing I am hearing about how this may incite them even more. So what? I don't understand it. If you are a pirate I would just keep in mind that the red dot between your eyes is not a symbol of Hindu spirituality. It is a laser projection from a sniper's rifle complements of the Navy Seals. Say hi to King Neptune for me when you blub to the bottom of the ocean.

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