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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ECU's Subprime/Foreclosure Forum

Monday there was a Subprime/Foreclosure Forum at ECU organized by The Department of Economics and The Federal Reserve of Richmond as part of their public outreach program.
Here is the coverage in the local paper:

I got together with long-time friend and fellow economist Bob Carpenter and put the program together. There were four speakers including me. Bob now works part time for the Fed so it was a natural connection and pretty timely. Bob spoke of the financial market fallout from the subprime explosion. Here is his power point presentation in a pdf file. I am afraid I cannot go back and give the lecture again and the Federal Reserve said "no" when I asked if I could tape it and put it on my blog. But you can sure learn something by looking at the pictures:

I will be providing the other presentations, on 1) the national real estate market and North Carolina and 2) Federal Reserve District five foreclosure activity as the week progresses. Look and learn.


armchaireconomist said...

Dr, I enjoyed the forum very much, it was very informative.

What a disapointment....I was hoping to be able to read a transcript of your lecture regarding the history and background on your blog.

Heber Coltrain said...

Dr. P,,

I enjoyed the forum. Very enlightening. Looking forward to the next one which hopefully will be about "How The Economy Recovered So Quickly!" wnk wnk

Randall Parker said...

Heber: Our pleasure. I would like to think that we are doing what the state is paying us to do.

I look forward to that next Forum too.

Randall Parker said...

Armie: I am available for speaking engagements at Cub Scout meetings, Bar Mitzvahs, Christenings, or business conventions in ports unknown.

derekp said...

Hey thanks to Parker's forum it looks like Wall St has got it all figured out...Dow closes above 9000and is up 900 points today!

Randall Parker said...

I will take credit where it is due. Dow 36,000.

derekp said...

I'll be sure to repost in 15 years