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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11th Name that photo...

Hey, it is the weekend so let's have some fun. On the left is my #1 horse playing buddy Marshall Gramm. He is the Chair of the Department of Economics and Business at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Here he is with the famous stallion Cozzene (go ahead and click on it). Cozzene recently died and that is too bad. He had a wonderful life. Cozzene won 10 times and hit the board (that is came in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd) 20 out of 24 races in his career. He will be missed. Cozzene went out on a high note being retired after he won the Breeder's Cup Mile in 1985.

As Rod Stewart instructed me when I was younger and had more hair "Every picture tells a story don't it?" That song still gets me really pumped up. Anyway, if every picture tells a story then every picture needs a name too, right? Here's my name choice for the picture in the upper about "One Horse and One Jackass". For those of you who have a mustard seed of interest in horse racing, you can visit Marshall's excellent horse racing blog at . As for his choice in friends, I keep demonstrating that it is somewhat lacking.

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