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Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello...this is the international operator...Paris is calling.

I realize many make several arguments against the bailout that passed this afternoon. I have remained agnostic regarding how it is structured but have insisted on its urgency. Great, now we can start to move on this thing.

What I will never get however is that many of the people who were the most vehemently against it are the same people who would be helped the most. I am talking about the regular guy on Main street. They were riling against it the hardest and it is his job that is going to be saved. It reminds me of the French (lovely little dears that they are). Any time any labor market reform is proposed to free up the labor market, the people who fight the hardest against it are young unemployed kids who would be helped the most. Look, I have lost enough money on horses over the years and got beaten by long shots that there was no way I could possibly have picked to win. Total shockers that leave you mumbling to yourself. I have been around and have lived life and almost nothing surprises me any more. Except what I just said above. And I still don't get it. Maybe next we will see Peta fighting anti-hunting laws?

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