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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wednesday October 15...Randy Parker Schmuck Hall of Shame...

On the immediate right meet Congressman Tim Mahoney. This individual (this is a bash-free web site so I won't call him a weasel or a worm) is the opposite of the Great Arthur Davis. For our itsy bitsy econ bloggers let's just say he did something good married people are not supposed to do, unless you are in a certain Mormon sect. Mahoney came clean to the press and said he took full responsibility for his actions but yet never admitted that he did anything wrong. And imagine...he took the place of Congressman Mark Foley! This is what the funny economist is talking about. Mahoney doesn't have the guts to admit he was wrong and then take his lumps. And worse, much worse, like Elliot Spitzer, he humiliates his wife by having her stand next to him at his pathetic press conference where he confesses nothing. God help us.
And why not, one more schmuck for the road. That narcissistic son-of-a-sea-biscuit on the upper right could very well have cost Hillary the nomination. Stuff happens. But it all reminds me of a time I was at the five star Four Seasons hotel in Chicago visiting my brother when he came through on business. When I left the hotel a bum came up to me and asked if I was staying there. I told him yes and kept going. He grabbed me by the arm, cocked his head, squinted one eye and said "Is it really worth it kid? I mean is it really, really worth it?" Well gentlemen ... was it worth it?

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