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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It is Breeder's Cup weekend!!!

Hi y'all. Right now the funny economist is hard at work handicapping horses for today's Super Bowl of horse racing...the Breeder's Cup. Wish me luck. That's me and my lovely wife Monica enjoying a day at the races with the legendary horse trainer D. Wayne Lucas.

Now I want all of our young itsy-bitsy econ bloggers to take a good look at the man in the upper left. See his sunken eyes and greedy little smirk he has on his face. This is what happens when you become a broken down horse player. Keep your piggy banks away from men like this kids. It will go missing and wind up at the dog track in West Memphis, Arkansas. Take a good look kids...and then call the appropriate law enforcement agency if he is in your neighborhood. You can learn more about this miscreant on the wall of the post office or at .


Anonymous said...

the world is crashing and your playing the horses --- are there any more jobs over there at ECU?

Randall Parker said...

See my blog regarding Dick Cheney and Pat Leahy.

ArmChairEconomist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Randall Parker said...

Hey Armie: I appreciate the help. But we let people figure these things out for themselves.