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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey! Have you heard the one about the three broke snot-nosed punks out looking for some trouble?


William said...

"We have a chance to avoid banking, forex or debt crisis and go through today's difficulties without losing the potential we have created”, said Russian President Medvedev just days ago. In early June he blamed the US and its banks for the economic crisis as economic egoism.

Hey wait a minute, not so fast Mr. Medvdev: the Kremlin has observed a deterioration of its market by approximately 75%, particularly because of your unwarranted aggression policies toward Georgia. Last time I checked, something like that in our economy would be considered an economic meltdown. In addition you may be in for a surprise; with falling oil prices and your eroding international investment, with the latter due to your unattractive policies which seem cavalier and calculated, how will you maintain your inertia to strengthen your new Russian world order? It seems that economic egoism finds its presence elsewhere.

Randall Parker said...

"Schadenfreude" (a German word meaning happiness at another's misery) and a litte old fashioned Karma have a way of coming around 360 degrees. See my posting on "Randy Parker Hall of Fame: Ralph" on 10/24/08.